Troni Y. Grande

Associate Professor, Department of English
PhD (University of Alberta), BA, BA Honours, MA (Queen's University)

Phone: 306-585-4570
Pronoun(s): she/her

Research interests

  • Creative nonfiction
  • Shakespeare and early-modern drama
  • Adaptations of Shakespeare
  • 18th-century drama (she-tragedy)
  • Literary theory (especially feminism)
  • Genre studies
  • Editing

Troni Grande's teaching and research have centered on early-modern drama (especially Marlowe and Shakespeare); 18th-century drama and the 18th-century novel; literary theory (especially feminist criticism and genre studies); and editing. She authored Marlovian Tragedy: The Play of Dilation (Associated University Presses, 1999). She also held a SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship from 1991-93 for her work on "she-tragedy" and later published an essay on this sub-genre of tragedy, using Northrop Frye's work. Her most extensive work to date is the co-edited volume of Northrop Frye's writings on Shakespeare and the Renaissance, for the University of Toronto series The Collected Works of Northrop Frye. More recently, she has focussed on popular adaptations of Shakespeare, and on creative writing (poetry and creative nonfiction). Her memoir-in-progress, Finding Frozina, celebrates the life and spiritual legacy of her Ukrainian grandmother, an early twentieth-century settler in east-central Alberta.

Representative Publications

“Shakespeare and the 'Cultural Lag' of Canadian Stratford in Alice Munro's 'Tricks.'” Shakespeare and Canada: "Remembrance of Ourselves." Ed. Irena R. Makaryk and Kathryn Prince. U of Ottawa, 2017. 177-97.

"Baba's Pyrogies.' Creative nonfiction excerpt. Borderlands & Crosslands: Writing the Motherland, ed. Laurie Kruk and Jane Satterfield. Demeter P, 2016.

“'Our Lady of Pain': Prolegomena to the Study of She-Tragedy." Educating the Imagination. Ed. Alan Bewell, Germaine Warkentin, Neil ten Kortenaar, and Andrea Charise. McGill-Queen's UP, 2015. 185-205.

"For NF, By Way of Endnote: A Glosa." Poem in special Northrop Frye issue of ellipse, edited by Suzanne Cyr and Ed Lemond. Spring 2012. 140-41.

Northrop Frye's Writings on Shakespeare and the Renaissance. Co-edited with Garry Sherbert. Volume 28 of The Collected Works of Northrop Frye. U of Toronto P, 2010.

"Manga Shakespeare and the Hermeneutic Problems of Double Access." Queen City Comics Collection, ed. Kevin Bond, Gail Chin, and Sylvain Rheault. Published online in 2010 at

"The Interruption of Myth in Northrop Frye: Toward a Revision of the 'Silent Beatrice.'” Northrop Frye: New Directions from Old, edited by David Rampton. U of Ottawa P, 2009. 247-73.