Graduate Program

Women's and Gender Studies offers special-case Masters and PhD degrees.  The standard application for a special case PhD or MA in Women's and Gender Studies is found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website (see link below).  A Masters and PhD in WGST require the completion of five courses and the writing of a thesis or dissertation respectively.  Currently WGST has five regular graduate course offerings; WGST 800 Feminist Theories, WGST 801 Sexuality: Theory and Practice, WGST 802 Women, Feminism and Globalization, WGST 803 Gender: Theory and Practice and WGST 901 Thesis Research, while feminist courses offered in other departments and faculties are also viable to fulfill a Masters or PhD in Women's and Gender Studies.  For further information, please contact the coordinator of WGST.

For more information on our Graduate Program see the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research