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Registration for Spring/Summer and Fall 2023 will begin on March 7.

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The University of Regina has a lot to offer our students.  Explore ways to succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Remote Learning Support Site

The remote learning support site provides information on how to connect to U of R systems and software when studying from home. For more information and plans about upcoming academic terms, go to https://www.uregina.ca/term-updates/index.html

Virtual Writing Hub

Visit the Universty of Regina's new Virtual Writing Supports Hub for information about, and help with, all your university writing assignments!

Become an Ambassador

Do you love the University of Regina and want to share your experiences with others?  Join the Ambassador team! We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and committed students who want to volunteer on campus and develop their leadership skills. 

Centre for Experiential and Service Learning

Solid academics and real-world experience define your academic journey at the U of R. We make sure every student can participate in meaningful experiential learning and volunteer opportunities, and has the opportunity to learn by doing. At the U of R, you can learn to live the University’s motto "As one who serves" while you bring value to your education - and to the world!

At the Centre for Experiential and Service Learning we're here to help you learn by doing, which is what experiential learning is all about! You’ll have more opportunities to apply what you learn – not only in the classroom, but across campus, and in the wider community. This hands-on approach will help you retain what you learn and build valuable experience for your resumé and future employment.

Gain experience in both paid and volunteer positions. Graduate career-ready and find work fast! Find out more information here!

Gain work experience

The Career Centre will support you in all of your employment endeavors. Co-operative Education and Internship Programs incorporate work experience into your learning process. Student Employment Services will help you find part-time, summer and graduate employment. Career Exploration and Counselling offers services and resources to support you in self-managing your educational and career development.

Take advantage of support services

The University of Regina truly cares about your success. We have a wide range of programs and services designed to encourage and assist you in addressing academic, personal and career needs.

Get involved

Whether you like watching soccer, playing badminton, enjoying live theatre or participating in the Debate Society or the Anime Club, we have it all! Find out about all the ways you can participate in campus life!

Go global

UR International can connect you with a wide selection of opportunities to study, volunteer or work abroad while building credits towards your academic program. See the world and discover yourself!