UR Guarantee student lands career employment

Posted: May 29, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Dalip Matharu, seated front and centre, with several U of R Ambassadors of Student Success Centre.
Dalip Matharu, seated front and centre, with several U of R Ambassadors of Student Success Centre. (Photo courtest of Student Success Centre).

Dalip Matharu believes the UR Guarantee program played a big part in helping her get her first job.
UR Guarantee provides support for students, transitioning from undergraduate studies to career development.
Matharu spoke with us about her UR Guarantee experience.

Why did you join UR Guarantee?  

I joined the UR Guarantee program because I believed that it would allow me to become more involved in programs available on campus.

One of the things I did during my experience with the UR Guarantee program was join the Ambassador program. I have always been a shy individual, but volunteering during Welcome Week really allowed me to break free from my shyness and meet some great people.

How did UR Guarantee help with your career development?

Some things I found very helpful with the UR Guarantee program were the resume review and mock interview with my UR Guarantee advisor.The mock interview, although frightening at first, was the most helpful experience I had with the UR Guarantee program.

I was that person who always got nervous during interviews and never felt like I answered the questions properly. My advisor suggested that I research the company thoroughly before an interview and how to generally prepare for different types of questions.

I am thankful to say that I did great on the first interview after graduation. I did so well during my interview that I got the job. I am now working in a career that I went to school for.

What is your advice to students?

Become more involved in programs that are available on campus. Join the UR Guarantee and Ambassador programs.  Take part in a seminar such as Time Management, Job Searching Now and Interview Prep.

Attend the career fairs and become aware of companies that hire people in your field of study. Becoming involved in school activities will definitely help you become more confident in yourself, allow you to meet new people, and help you to really enjoy your time at the University of Regina.

Ensuring Student success is a critical element of the University of Regina’s strategic plan. We also provide services that bring students and potential employers together. For details please visit our Career Centre.