COVID-19 Resources


Masks continue to be welcome on campus, especially in areas, like classrooms or meeting rooms, where you may be in close contact with others.

Free masks are available at the entrances of the Riddell Centre, Ad-Hum, Library, KHS, and Education buildings. Visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority website as well as Health Canada's website for more information on masking and other ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

In Saskatchewan, the decision to keep masking voluntary was made by the Province’s Chief Medical Health Officer and, subsequently, the three, major post-secondary institutions as a sector. The decision also aligns with the majority of universities and colleges across Canada.

Illness Flowchart for Faculty, Staff and Students    

Members of the campus community who are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms, or test positive for COVID-19, may use the flowchart provided here (530 KB) as a guide to the appropriate UofR reporting procedures and public health resources.

COVID-19 Positive Case Procedures

Members of the campus community may use the COVID-19 Positive Case Procedures chart posted here (511 KB) when positive COVID-19 case(s) are identified in a face to face class or work unit in order to maintain academic or business continuity.

COVID-19 Travel Risk Assessment

University of Regina students, faculty and staff travel both domestically and abroad and while these trips can be enriching opportunities, they also bring their own unique set of risks.  With the emergence of the new Omicron variant, new federal travel measures have been implemented and continue to be updated.  For those traveling on university business, the Health, Safety & Wellness team has created a risk assessment form for your use and is available here.

This document offers a set of guidelines for ensuring that risk assessment tools are used in order to avoid or mitigate these risks. The development of a travel safety plan and emergency plans ensure appropriate response to unexpected incidents.

This form includes all the appropriate travel links you will need to plan a safe and successful trip.


Rapid Antigen Self-Testing Kits

The University of Regina main campus, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, has been approved as a public access distribution site for COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Testing kits. 

Students, faculty, staff and members of the general public may pick up a free Rapid Antigen test kit (subject to availability) from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm daily at Campus Security, Research and Innovation Centre (RIC) Room 120.

For a full list of off campus locations where kits may also be available, please click here.

Please note that there is a limit of one kit per person

Rapid Antigen tests should only be used if you are asymptomatic (not experiencing COVID symptom) for regular at home screening of COVID-19.

Q Why should I test my household?

A Routine, voluntary testing at home will help prevent transmission and help keep your home, workplace, schools and communities safe. It is important that this test be done for your own health as well as to put in safety measures to keep your family safe from further spread.


Q Who can I test?

A The testing kits are to be used for testing each member of your household who do not have any COVID-19 related symptoms.


Q How many tests are in a kit?

A Each BTNX Rapid Response self-testing kit box contains five (5) tests


Q Do we need to take training?

A COVID-19 Self-Testing Instructions can be found on the Government of Saskatchewan's website at An example video for the BTNX Rapid Response™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device can be found


Q How long does it take for testing results?

A The self-test takes approximately 15 minutes to produce an easy to read result.


Q How often should we test?

A The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) recommends self-testing each member of the household one to two times per week.


Q Are these tests safe?

A YES! The self-test is a gentle swab on the inside of the nose that is easy to perform and completely safe.


Q Is there a cost for the testing supplies?

A No, the self-testing kits are provided at no cost to your household.


Q What do I do if someone in my household tests positive?

A Please call HealthLine 811 to report the positive self-test and arrange for a confirmatory lab PCR test. Next, review the Positive Self-Test Results Guide that is located on the Government of Saskatchewan's Self-Testing website page at  A Positive Self-Test Results Guide is provided here for your reference.


Q How do I dispose of the used tests?

A You can dispose of the testing supplies in your standard garbage.


Q Who can we reach out to if we have questions about testing?

A You can visit the Government of Saskatchewan's website at


Q Can a household pick up more than one kit?

A The SHA's recommendation is that individuals may do self-testing one to two times a week. Depending on the size of the individual household and their circumstances, one or two testing kits (5 to 15 tests) can be distributed to an individual.


Q Where are more self-testing kit pick up locations and stock availability listed?

A A list of the self-testing kit pick up locations and self-testing kit stock availability are posted on the Government of Saskatchewan's Self-Testing website page. Please check the website for self-testing kit stock availability prior to visiting an SHA COVID-19 Testing Site to make sure kits are available.


  • If you have questions about the content of these documents contact Health, Safety & Wellness at (306) 337-2370 or email us at