UofR Emergency Wardens


Emergency Wardens are fundamental for keeping our students, faculty and staff safe!

Thank you to the students, faculty, and staff that have volunteered as an UofR Emergency Warden to ensure the safety and well-being of our campus community. 

As an UofR Emergency Warden, you have been trained to assist university leaders and outside agencies (Regina Police Service/Regina Fire & Protection Services) in the event of a campus emergency.  You are asked to become familiar with the Fire Safety Plan (see Fire Safety Plans tab) for your assigned building and floor, learn fire protection strategies, and understand what your role and responsibilities are during an emergency/building evacuation.

If you have any questions regarding these documents or your role as Emergency Warden, please feel free to contact our Health, Safety & Emergency Management Advisor, Douglas Schmidt at (306) 585-5487 or by email at douglas.schmidt@uregina.ca


UofR Emergency Warden Materials

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  1)  UofR Emergency Warden online training - click here.
        Please enter your Username (Novell ID) and password.





2)  UofR Emergency Warden Handbook - click here File (1535 KB)

This training is designed specifically for University of Regina Emergency Wardens who are responsible to assist in the safe evacuation of building(s) on our campuses in the event of an emergency.                                                          





3)  UofR Emergency Warden Report - click here File (420 KB)

UofR Emergency Wardens are to complete this report after evacuating their area/building and gathered at assigned muster point.  Complete the Emergency Warden Report and provide this information to authorized/responsible personnel (Regina Fire and Protective Services, Regina City Police, Protective Services [formerly Campus Security], Health and Safety.