Hazardous Waste Disposal

Waste Wednesdays
Waste drop-offs are every Wednesday at 10:30am at UR Stores. You must notify HSW (health.safety@uregina.ca) two days (Monday) prior to Wednesday if you would like to drop off waste that week.

UR Stores
RIC 110 (the side door next to the main window)
Phone: 306-585-4241

Hazardous waste includes:
  • Chemical waste
  • Old or expired chemicals
  • Glass waste (contaminated and non-contaminated)
  • Sharps (contaminated and non-contaminated)
  • Human and animal waste (e.g. materials contaminated with blood & body fluids and tissues; organs; carcasses, etc.)
  • Microbiological waste (e.g. pipette tips, cultures, tubes, etc.)
  • Radiation waste

Please note: this service is provided for university faculty, staff and students only.

If you have any questions concerning waste disposal, please contact Health, Safety and Wellness.