Chemical Inventory

The University of Regina uses a web-based chemical inventory program (Vertere) to track chemicals.

Information on the use of the program can be found in How to use the Inventory Program (980 KB) pdf

Program Access

Access to the inventory program is provided by Health and Safety to faculty, staff and other authorized users. To obtain a username and password, please contact Health and Safety.

Adding Chemicals to Inventory

If you require chemicals to be added to your inventory, please fill out the Chemical Inventory Form (80 KB) excel and e-mail the completed form to Health and Safety.

The Vertere external link website should also be bookmarked on all computers which are accessed by users of chemicals.

What materials must be on the Vertere chemical inventory?

With a few exceptions, all supplied hazardous laboratory chemicals must be on the chemical inventory. This includes all supplier bottles of hazardous solids and liquids, as well as gas cylinders/lecture bottles.

What does NOT need to be included in the Vertere chemical inventory?

Solutions, dilutions, and decants that are generated in the laboratory
Formulations/compounds generated in the laboratory
Non-hazardous buffers, broths, agars, media
Consumer kits (enzyme preparations, tissue culture, assays, PCR kits, analysis kits)
Consumer products (cleaners, detergents, bleach, items available for retail purchase)
Radioactive materials (inventoried in Radiation Safety Program)
Biohazardous materials (inventoried in Biosafety Program)
Non-hazardous substances (glucose, sand, water)
Chemical Waste 

Note: All hazardous materials must be ordered, received, and shipped through UR Stores.