Healthy Workplace Advisor

The University of Regina is committed to supporting eligible faculty and staff during periods of illness or injury and to prepare them for a safe and successful transition to the workplace.

The Healthy Workplace Advisor provides assistance with work-related injuries or illness, leave of absence, eligibility for short-term/long-term disability, workplace accommodations, and ergonomic assessments.


Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. Effective and...


What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

An ergonomic assessment (also referred to as an ergonomic risk assessment) is an objective measure of possible factors
that may have the potential for musculoskeletal disorders or injuries within your workstation/workspace.

The goal of an ergonomic assessment is to identify these possible factors and determine what improvements are possible
to reduce your risk and maximize your comfort within your workspace environment. A thorough ergonomic assessment is
the foundation for creating a safer, healthier, and injury-free workspace for you, which improves the overall workplace
wellness within our campus community.

How do I Request an Ergonomic Assessment?

Faculty and staff may request an ergonomic assessment of their workstation by completing the Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist provided here.  

Email your completed Ergonomic Self Assessment Checklist to

Please feel free to download a copy of the Self-Assessment Information Sheet to use as a reference
and keep at your workstation!

What Happens After I complete the Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist?

When Human Resources receives your Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist, it is forwarded to the Healthy Workplace Advisor, Stuart Signarowski, for his review. (please allow three to five business days)

Based on the information you provided in the Ergonomic Self-Assessment Checklist, the Healthy Workplace Advisor will contact
you to provide workstation recommendations and/or schedule an ergonomic assessment for you at a mutually convenient date
and time.