Reporting an Incident on Campus

Any incident that involves injury to a person, damage to property, or spill of hazardous material (or the potential to do so) MUST be reported within 24 hours of occurence to Health and Safety.

The University of Regina Incident Report Form must be completed for every incident, even if there was no injury sustained.  If, however, a faculty or staff member was i
njured, they must notify their supervisor or manager and if eligible for compensation, complete a Worker’s Report of Injury (W1) with Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) using the link provided here.

Information for Employees, Supervisors/Managers

If an employee suffers an injury while at work:

  • If immediate medical attention is required, call 911. Do not transport the injured person(s) to the hospital – call 911 for an ambulance. Otherwise, seek medical attention as required;

  • Employees must report the incident to their supervisor immediately or as soon as possible;

  • The supervisor must call Campus Security (585-4999);

  • Following a serious incident, do not alter the scene without contacting AND receiving approval from the Health and Safety Manager, Sarah Wilke (306) 585-4776 (Human Resources) or the Health, Safety & Emergency Management Advisor, Doug Schmidt, (306) 585-5487 (Human Resources). This is to ensure that the incident is investigated properly.

  • The employee must complete and sign an Incident Report Form (page 1) and the supervisor/manager must complete and sign, page 2.  Where applicable, a Worker’s Report of Injury (W1) must be completed.  *If the supervisor is unable to complete page 2 of the Incident Report Form within 24 hours, the forms should be submitted as is with the completed and signed page 2 from the supervisor to follow;

  • The supervisor and employee must review the recommendations for corrective action with a focus on prevention and reoccurence;

  • The employee must report capabilities to their supervisor and continue to provide further written medical information to the Healthy Workplace Advisor, Stuart Signarowski (Human Resources), at  For privacy reasons, do not retain copies of the Incident Report or other documents in the unit office; and,

  • If the employee is absent from work, the employee must report to their supervisor/manager on a regular basis, regarding their return to work date and/or changes that may be required to their work schedule. To ensure a safe return to work, an employee must provide medical evidence of capability to the Healthy Workplace Advisor, Stuart Signarowski (Human Resources).  Stuart may be contacted at (306) 337-3269 or by email at

If an injury was sustained to a student, visitor or contractor on campus, an Incident Report Form MUST still be completed.

Purpose of an Incident Report Form

The purpose of an Incident Report Form and subsequent investigation is to prevent a recurrence of the incident and to ensure
that the University of Regina meets regulatory requirements.

Examples of reportable incidents:

  • Any chemical spill in a public area;

  • Any chemical spill which requires the assistance of the chemical spill response team;

  • Slips, trips or falls which are caused by external factors (loose tiles, extension cords);

  • Injuries caused by work setup – lifting or pushing loads, injuries caused by computer desk setup or by equipment at work;

  • Any lab incident which requires the use of the eyewash or shower;

  • Any explosion in a laboratory;

  • Workplace violence or threats of violence;

  • Disturbance of asbestos-containing ceiling tiles;

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals, either known or suspected;

  • Gas leaks; and,

  • Any time a fire extinguisher is discharged.

Examples that are NOT reportable incidents:

  • Routine building maintenance issues – burned out lights, fume hoods not working.  These are reported to Work Control through FAMIS.
  • Break and enter and/or theft, or attempts as such – these should be reported to Campus Security immediately (585-4999), and immediately to Health and Safety, if the theft of hazardous materials is suspected.




For more information on incident reporting, please contact Health and Safety at (306) 337-2370
or email at