2023 Monthly Safety Shares

Health, Safety & Wellness continues our commitment to the safety and wellness of faculty, staff and students. As part of our mission to strengthen the safety culture at the University of Regina, we will be publishing monthly Safety Share articles addressing certain topics such as efficient ergonomics, mental wellness awareness, seasonal/severe weather safety, home emergency preparedness, and incident reporting procedures on campus.

Each Safety Share is short in length while reinforcing positive safety awareness both on campus and at home.  A new Safety Share will be published to our website on the third Monday of each month.

For your convenience, you may wish to add our website https://www.uregina.ca/hr/hsw/Monthly-Safety-Share/index.html as a bookmark. 

If you have a suggestion for a future Safety Share, please email us at health.safety@uregina.ca.

Hope you enjoy these new publications!



Your Health, Safety & Wellness Team

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