Health, Safety, and Wellness

The Health, Safety, and Wellness Unit is available to assist faculty, staff, students, and visitors in making the University a safe place to live, work, and learn. For more information, please read the Health and Safety Policy external link.

Our Healthy Workplace Advisor, Kelsey Malakoff, provides assistance in a number of areas such as healthy lifestyle initiatives and workplace ergonomic evaluations. 

Our Mental Health Advisor, Jillian Kistner, provides support for students, faculty, and staff within the university community with mental health and wellbeing services and programs.

Safety is everyone's responsibility, and we are here to help you do your part!


Contact Health, Safety & Wellness Staff

Darren Cherwaty Director 306-585-4776
Terry Brothen Emergency Planning Advisor 306-337-3115
Kerry Cooper Industrial Safety Advisor 306-337-2626
Sujata Haydu Biological Safety Advisor 306-585-5198
Jillian Kistner Mental Health Advisor 306-585-5248
Kelsey Malakoff Healthy Workplace Advisor 306-337-3269
Sarah Wilke (Posehn) Chemical & Laboratory Safety Advisor
Radiation Safety Advisor
Doug Schmidt Industrial Safety Advisor 306-585-5487
Arden Geiger Administrative Assistant 306-337-2370