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Engagement and Communication

Lead by:
Brett Waytuck, University Librarian and PACS member
Erin Limacher, Director of Communications and Marketing and PACS member

The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Sustainability priorities still stand and are being carried forward.

Engagement and Communication - we will communicate openly to engage the University campuses and wider community to create a culture shift and change norms.

Participants of the survey and consultation sessions consistently commented that:

  • the University of Regina does great things that no one knows about.
  • to change the culture, we need to celebrate and profile sustainability research, teaching, and action.
  • the University of Regina needs to better engage with the wider community and illustrate how the University is a resource to help in solving
  • community problems.

It is the responsibility of every student, faculty and staff member to spread the word – of their own work and that of their colleagues and friends.