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Sustainability and Community Engagement Fund

For a variety of reasons but most notably, the pandemic and the planning of the 2021-26 Sustainability Action Plan, a call for SCEF applications has not been sent out since Winter 2020.  However, that does not mean applications can't still be submitted for review.  The current awards page lists all approved applications that have been received outside the formal call for applications (from Winter 2020 to present).


SCEF Application Form


The Sustainability Community Engagement Fund (SCEF) is a fund targeted toward innovative student, faculty and staff-led projects that will improve the sustainability of our campus while ensuring positive impacts in the surrounding communities.updatedlogo

In 2014, eight Partners from our campus joined their efforts to create the Sustainability Community Engagement Fund. Since then additional Faculties and Units, as well as the University Leadership Team (ULT), have provided their support and invested in the SCEF. By investing in the Fund, the ULT have agreed to recognize the leadership of higher education institutions and the importance of working collaboratively and responsively toward our social and environmental sustainability. The Fund will support students in becoming more active citizens, by funding projects that will shift business as usual and foster a stronger engagement for sustainable and socially responsible practices and actions on campus. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and anyone interested can make a donation to the Fund.

Mission of the SCEF:

To build a culture of sustainability among the University of Regina campus community while fostering positive impacts in the surrounding community environment.

Objectives of the SCEF:

  • Provide financial resources to innovative projects on sustainability led by students.
  • Foster education and skills building about sustainability and community engagement.
  • Increase the university profile in regards to environmental and social sustainability.
  • Create collaboration between committed units and individuals on campus.

Funding Guidelines

Applications are to be submitted electronically to Successful applicants be notified.

The Sustainability Community Engagement Fund (SCEF) has up to $14,000 to support projects and initiatives that promote sustainability at the University of Regina. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your application.


Applications to the SCEF will be considered only if the following are met:

  • Your project/initiative primarily impacts, and advances sustainability at the University of Regina (UR) including its federated colleges.
  • The project/initiative team must include current UR students and can also include UR/federated college employees.
  • Your project/initiative must have formal written support from internal and/or external partners (formal financial support will be considered sufficient written support).

Funding priority will be given to student-led projects and projects not previously funded by the SCEF. This fund will not support the purchase of computers, furniture, property, or any expense made prior to fund approval. The SCEF will not support payments to any individuals working on the project.

Criteria for Award of Funding

  • Your project/initiative aligns with the Sustainability Strategic Plan and the University's Strategic Plan and supports one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Your project/initiative effectively communicates its positive impact on our campus and in our community.
  • Your project/initiative outlines and demonstrates future or potential cost savings at the University of Regina.
  • Your project/initiative speaks to long-term benefits, leadership, and funding.
  • Your project/initiative is well defined and has a realistic budget (providing invoices, quotes, or other budget supporting documents as additional background information will be accepted).


Each project will receive no more than $2,000. If, at the completion of the project or at the end of one year, an unspent balance remains in the project FOPAL, the University's contributions will be recovered for disbursement in future Sustainability and Community Engagement Fund awards.


Applications will be at mores three (3) pages in length (excluding support documentation). The first page will contain the project or initiative details (fillable form below), the second page will describe the project or initiative, and how it meets the SCEF criteria, and the third page will detail the budget. Within your application email, provide your mailing address. 

The final pages of this application will contain formal written support from internal and/or external partners (1 page per partner) and any additional budgetary background you may wish to provide to the Steering Committee. Please note, written support must contain the contact information of the person or organization committing in-kind, financial, or other support to the project.


Completed applications to be submitted to All applicants will be notified of their application status


Successful applicants will be required to submit a follow-up report one month after the completion of the project. This follow-up report template will be provided to successful applicants and made public below.



SCEF Follow-up Report

If you have any questions, please contact

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