Energy Dashboard

Energy Dashboard

Welcome to the University of Regina Energy Dashboard!

Examine the energy usage across campus, as well as energy efficient upgrades over the last five years. You can view each individual building from the list below.

Overall Aggregated Consumption Rankings

Data representing: Sunday November 20, 2022 - Saturday November 26, 2022

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Units: Gigajoules (GJ)

Overall Aggregated Energy Intensity

Data representing: Wednesday October 26, 2022 - Saturday November 26, 2022

Units: Gigajoules (GJ)

Code Building Name
AH Administration-Humanities
CM Campion College
CL Classroom Building
CW College West
ED Education Building
GG Greenhouse Gas Technology Centre
CK Kinesiology, Health & Sport
KI Kīšik Towers
LB Lab Building
LI La Cité
LY Archer Library
LU Luther College
PAWA Paskwāw and Wakpá Towers
RI Research and Innovation
RC Riddell Centre