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Strategic Plan for Sustainability

Final Report: 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Sustainability

The President's Advisory Comittee on Sustainability (PACS) presents to you the Final Report for the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Sustainability. This report highlights the accomplishments the University of Regina has made over the past five years, and includes accomplishments that have occurred up until March 2021.

While progress has been made in many areas, there are some actions that require long-term focus, ongoing support and further community consultation. Many of these long-term focus areas will carry-forward into the 2021-2026 Sustainability Action Plan, which is currently in development.

We hope you enjoy reading this report and seeing the significant sustainability advancements the University of Regina has achieved. Our campus community has much to be proud of!

The President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) has developed a Strategic Plan for Sustainability which will serve as a guide to “Make the University a leader in environmental responsibility, put sustainability at the core of our teaching, research, and campus life” (UofR Strategic Plan 2009-2014, Goal A5), as well as complement the university’s  2015-2020 Institutional Strategic Plan.

In December 2013 the University of Regina commissioned a Campus Sustainability Survey to gather input on how members of the University community envision the U of R moving towards a more sustainable future. The response was overwhelming with over 1300 Faculty, Students, Staff and Community members completing the survey.

To follow up on the survey, smaller engagement sessions were held in March 2014 to allow for more in-depth discussion of sustainability at the University of Regina.

The result of the survey and the engagement sessions is the Sustainability Strategic Plan Draft, a document that lays out our collective vision of a sustainable University of Regina.

View the Strategic Plan for Sustainability here

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