Sustainable Transportation

The University of Regina is working hard to encourage more sustainable methods of transportation. A range of alternative transportation choices is available to students, faculty and staff. To learn more about what the University has to offer, visit the P&TS Transportation Alternatives webpage or click on each heading/picture below.


Carpooling is a simple way for individuals to share their commute with others, save money, and reduce their environmental impact.

Some benefits to carpooling are:

1. Save money
2. Preferred parking
3. Cut down on green house emissions
4. Meet new people


Bus (Public transit)


Students, stop worrying about a parking spot, slow moving traffic, or exact change for bus fare. Begin utilizing the U-Pass! As part of your tuition, you receive a discounted bus pass and can activate it by visiting URSU.

UR Employees, we haven't forgotten about you, you can take advantage of a bus pass at a discounted rate through the Employee Transit Pass Program.

Benefits of public transit:

  1. Less traffic congestion
  2. Less pollution
  3. Less driving-associated stress
  4. No gas, maintenance and plates fees
  5. Unlimited access to the Regina Public Transit with U-Pass
  6. Save money (two semesters of the U-Pass cost only $175.20)


Did you know the risk of obesity goes down by 5% for every kilometer walked daily? Walking improves mood and concentration, boosts mental agility, and fights depression. Walkability promotes “sustainable happiness.” (

Other benefits of walking include:

  1. Less short polluting car trips
  2. Improved local air quality
  3. Reduced congestion
  4. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions  



The University actively supports the option of riding a motorcycle or scooter to campus. Not only are you reducing environmental pollution and campus congestion, you can also receive preferred parking!


  1. Preferred motorcycle parking
  2. Reduce emissions & pollution


Biking to class or to work is a fun and inexpensive transportation option, but don’t forget the other advantages like exercise, making an impact on the environment, and most importantly, enjoying some fresh air! Find out more about bike storage and bike repair stations here.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint                                                                                      
  2. Get some exercise
  3. Enjoy fresh air