About Us


Douglas Farenick, Dean of Science

It is my pleasure as Dean of Science to introduce you to the Faculty of Science in the University of Regina. As one of the largest faculites in the University, we have a key role in advancing the University of Regina's strategic priorites of student success, research impact, and commitment to communites.

More than 1500 undergraduate students at the University and its affiliated colleges are registered for BSc or BSc Honours programs in Science.  Our undergraduate programs are grounded in the tradition of a liberal arts education, and are organised into individual disciplines (e.g., physics, biology, etc.). Yet there is a decidely modern aspect to our approach to teaching and learning: we recognise and value the interdisicplinary nature of knowledge and learning. Our undergraduate students are, in addition to seeking rewarding and promising postgraduate employment, looking to make the world a better place through their university studies. Students in the Faculty of Science show an impressive degree of social engagement. They value experiential learning and learning that leads to impact, and the Faculty of Science offers a learning environment that allows students to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals. Our alumni have made tremendous contributions over the years, in every imaginable walk of life.

At the graduate level, nearly 250 students are working toward MSc or PhD degrees in a field of science. These students work closely with faculty members and postdoctoral researchers in making original and novel contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Our research is recognised and valued globally, while at the local level our graduate students, faculty, and postdoctoral researchers equip the Province of Saskatchewan with the knowledge base and human resources necessary to fulfil Saskatchewan's ambitions and needs in innovation, thereby keeping the province competitive and economically prosperous.

The Faculty of Science is widely recognised for the quality of its research. Over the last six years, the Faculty of Science has accounted for 30% of all research funding awarded to the University and for 67% of the funding awarded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The Faculty of Science is home to a number of important faculty-based research institutes, which further aid in the advancement of our research, and four of our faculty members hold Canada Research Chairs. The University, through the Faculty of Science, is a member of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, and has recently become a partner in the Next Einstein Initiative, which is a network of centres of excellence in graduate-student education in Africa.

The Faculty of Science is commited to indigenisation and sustainability. We have three new BSc programs, offered in partnership with First Nations University of Canada, in indigenous environmental science and health, and some of the laboratory instruction in Biology now incorporates traditional indigenous knowledge. We are always seeking to adopt and improve upon environmentally-sound practices in all operations, and we continue to support and promote research on environmental sustainability.

Collectively, we represent a forward-looking academy with deep community ties seeking to make meaningful contributions globally. Our successes are measured by the quality and the impact of our activities in teaching, research, and service, and by the legacy of successes of our alumni. The core strength and future promise of the Faculty of Science reside with our community of people: students, alumni, staff, and faculty. And we look forward to serving you as educators and researchers, and by bringing our expertise to you, whether it be in the classroom, in the pages of scientific publications, or in the community.