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Specialized Labs

The Faculty of Science houses several different specialized labs that feature their own unique state of the art equipment. Look at the links on the left to discover more about these labs.

The Environmental Quality Analysis Laboratory

EQAL provides advanced analytical and data interpretation services to research projects for the University of Regina, other academic units and non-academic institutions.

Geomodelling & GIS Research

The Geomodelling and GIS Research Laboratory, funded by Western Economic Diversification and the Faculty of Science, is a new facility that contains state-of-the-art equipment and software packages for Geomodelling & GIS applications in the Earth Sciences.

Interactive Media Laboratory (IML)

The Interactive Media Laboratory is complementary to the existing Undergraduate Digital Media Lab shared between The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Laboratory for Computational Discovery

The Laboratory for Computational Discovery is a University of Regina facility for research using computer technology for advancing scientific research. The core infrastructure of the LCD consists of parallel and graphics computers with high performance capabilities in scientific computation, visualization, data mining and mathematical computation.

Prairie Particle Physics Institute

The objectives of the Prairie Particle Physics Institute (p3i) are to focus and organize, to enhance and expand the research activities and reputation of the particle physics research of the Department of Physics at the University of Regina, while maintaining a certain autonomy of action and planning and assuming a separate resource management structure from that of the Department to better allow it to respond to new opportunities and changing demands.

Rough Music and Audio Digital Interaction Lab

The aRMADILo provides the basis for researchers and students interested in applications of rough sets, data mining, and artificial intelligence to the analysis of real-life data concerned with sound and speech recognition and modeling.

Trace Analysis Facility (TAF)

The Trace Analysis Facility (TAF) is a state-of-the-art, ultraclean (class 100 cleanroom) research analytical laboratory with the most advanced instrumentation for sample preparation and chemical analysis.