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Electron Microbeam Facilities

This Faculty of Science facility comprises 2 scanning electron microscopes (SEM), each with a variety of detectors and imaging capabilities.  The newest addition to the facility is an environmental SEM from Tescan (a Vega 3 model), with low and high vacuum capabilities, augmenting a conventional (high vacuum) by JEOL (a JSM-6360 model).  Both instruments are housed in a dedicated ‘clean lab.’ facility in the Research and Innovation Centre, with sample preparation facilities on site.  The SEMs allow for the examination of minerals, rocks, fossils, pharmaceuticals, and biological materials at a variety of magnifications.  Accessories include secondary electron and backscattered electron detectors, an energy-dispersive detector (EDS) for X-ray analysis, and a Gatan MonoCL3 imaging and spectrometry facility that allows the collection of pan and monochromatic cathodoluminescence images and spectra.