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What is Academic Advising?

Academic advising is a collaborative, teaching and learning process between students and advisors.  We work together to meet student learning objectives and help ensure student success.  Both the advisor and student have important responsibilities to help ensure the advising partnership is successful.

Academic advisors are:

  • Teachers - who empower students to take responsibility for their academic success
  • Mentors - who work with students to reach their goals
  • Guides - who help students navigate their post-secondary experience
  • Resources - who serve as a point of contact and refer students to campus services
  • Experts - who help students understand the University, its programs and curricular requirements, as well as related learning opportunities
  • Advocates - who comply with freedom of information and protection of privacy legislation to protect student privacy rights

Make the most of academic advising!

  • Get to know your advisor
  • Work together to develop and implement goals
  • Make contact with your advisor as needed
  • Schedule & keep advising appointments
  • Come prepared with questions and related material
  • Invest appropriate time and energy to attain your goals
  • Reach out to your advisor when you experience difficulty
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Be open to considering ideas and recommendations of your advisor