Using Online Editing/Collaborative Editing

Online Editing

  • When you right click on a document there is an option to "Online Edit" the document.
  • Documents are edited in a dedicated server and the results are displayed on your screen – you don’t even need to have Word/excel etc. installed locally.
  • It even allows simultaneous editing where you can see what others are typing. Other advantages are that there is no copy of the document downloaded to your PC so it is more secure and the lack of download and make it faster to edit large documents.
  • A downside is that the online editor does not support advanced Word/Excel features.

Note: You cannot edit the document in an application and online simultaneously. If some try to use online mode and some with the Application, then conflicts will be reported, and you will have to save multiple copies and merge them manually. 

Collaborative Editing

Online editing allows you to collaboratively edit a document with other users.

  • Each user gets assigned a color and the cursor of each user will be shown in the assigned color (you will see your cursor as black).
  • The content editor notifies you with a small notification in the footer, when a new user enters or when a user leaves.

Additional Documentation

For additional documentation, when you are online editing a document, choose Help from the top menu in Filr.