Webdrive Installation for Mac OS

WEBDRIVE is the licensed and supported webdav software for the University of Regina. It is provided by the University for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. The purpose of this guide is to allow the Macinotsh OS X user to install and maintain an updated WEBDRIVE application. WEBDRIVE will allow your Mac system to connect to your Micro Focus OES drives (T:,I: etc.)" on the UofR network. Please read this guide completely before starting the install process.


  • Macintosh OS X Version 10.7 or higher
  • A basic understanding of the Mac OS X Finder.
  • An internet connection
  • WEBDRIVE requires that you have an active uregina.ca username and password with the University of Regina for the initial installation download from the website. If you cannot remember your username or password contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685 for assistance.

Install Process

  • If a previous version of WEBDRIVE is installed please uninstall it.
  • Download the latest version of WEBDRIVE from the U of R Download page.
  • The file wdrvmac2016.dmg should automatically appear in your downloads folder. Double click that file.
  • A window should open showing the file WebDrive.pkg. Double click that file.
  • The install of WEBDRIVE will now begin. Click Continue on the Welcome screen.
  • The license screen will appear. Click Continue and then click Agree.
  • The Standard Install screen will appear. Click Install.
  • The Summary screen will appear. Click Close.
  • WEBDRIVE is now installed. It can be found in Applications. Double click it to open. If the following screen appears then click Try It... or you could enter the registration code here (see the last paragraph on how to get the code). Note: You may be asked to install OSXFuse. See the screen shot after this next one.
  • If the following screen appears then click Yes to install OSXFUSE. It installs very much like Webdrive. If you had a previous version of WEBDRIVE then you may be asked to update OSXFUSE. See the two screens after this next one and then click Yes and then click Update OSXFUSE.
Webdrive Webdrive Webdrive
  • When the following screen appears you must configure WEBDRIVE to access your UofR drives (T:,I: etc.). Click the plus sign in the lower left of the screen.
  • The following screen will appear.
  • Double click on Secure WebDAV Server. The following screen will appear.
  • Fill in the Host Name/IP Address: field as shown above (netstorage.cc.uregina.ca/oneNet/NetStorage). Enter your uregina.ca username in the Username: field. Do not leave this field blank. You can enter your uregina.ca password in the Password: field and then save the password, but that is not recommended. Usually you will leave the password field blank and uncheck the Save Password box. Click Next. The following screen will appear.
  • Enter a Site Profile Name: For example UofR as shown. Click Save. You should now be back to the main WEBDRIVE screen with the profile listed (as shown below).
  • Ensure that the profile is highlighted and then click Mount. Enter your uregina.ca password and in a few moments your Micro Focus OES drives should appear.
  • At some point you may see the following screen. Click Check Automatically.


  • Once installed Webdrive has a 30 day trial period. You must add the license and register the product if you wish to use it longer than 30 days. This is done via the WEBDRIVE menu tab. Click WEBDRIVE then Preferences, then License. You will see the following screen.

Revision History

v1, 2014-12-08, Update for version 4.01
v2, 2016-05-03, Update for version 2016