Release Notes for WSftp 5.08 UofR release 2002121100

To install, locate the exe file you downloaded and double click on the exe to start the install.

Software Description

WSftp is a graphical file transfer client that supports the standard file transfer protocol. It allows files to be uploaded/download from servers on campus and on the internet that support the ftp protocol.


  • A IBM compatible computer with Pentium processor or better
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
  • 16Mb of RAM(32Mb of RAM highly recommended)
  • 3Mb of free disk space

Licensing Terms

WSftp is free for use for non-business use.

Additional Documentation

See the support page for manuals, FAQs, etc.

Known Problems

Please report problems to Under some conditions, even if you enter your password in the connect dialogue box you will be prompted for it once you connect.

Changes from Previous Version

For Version 5.08 changes see the file c:\netbin\ftp.5\whatsnew.txt