Student and Public Computer Labs

Note: See Staying Safe on Campus for further in-person on-campus information.

Computer Lab Information

There are several public computer labs on campus. Various departments and faculties around the University of Regina also offer computer labs for student use.

  • See the Lab Locations page for information on where they are located, what facilities are available, and who has access to the lab.
    • Labs with restrictions are only for use by the students currently registered in the classes specified.
  • The Real-Time Usage Map page provides read-time maps for public labs usage.
  • Most public labs have printers available and some also provide access to copying and scanning.


  • AppsAnywhere is the software distribution portal used in public labs.
    • Click Here for the updated list of available software provided by AppsAnywhere.
Note: You are responsible for keeping your username and password secure and for logging off of public computers when you are done using them.
  • Failure to log out can result in another user inadvertently accessing files on your I:\ drive or charging printing to your account. Information Services is not liable for charges that occur if you forget to log out of a computer system.
  • Limited remote access to computers on campus that use AppsAnywhere is provided. Please see, Remote Access for futher information.