Notice: Important information about COVID-19 here.

Student and Public Computer Labs

COVID-19 Update: All Public Computer Labs are now Closed as of 8:00pm on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pamdemic.

Computer Lab Information

There are several public computer labs on campus. Various departments and faculties around the University of Regina, also offer computer labs for student use.

See the Lab Locations page for information on where they are located, what facilities are available, and who has access to the lab. Labs with restrictions are only for use by the students currently registered in the classes specified.

The Real-Time Usage Map page provides read-time maps for public labs usage.

Most public labs have printers available and some, also provide access to copying and scanning. See the Printing & Copying section for more information and locations.

Appsanywhere is the software distribution portal used in public labs. Click Here for the updated list of available software provided by Appsanywhere.

  • Note: You are responsible for keeping your username and password secure, and for logging off of public machines when you are done using them. Failure to log out can result in another user inadvertently accessing files on your i:\ drive, or charging printing to your account. Information Services is not liable for charges that occur if you forget to log out of a computer system.