Zoom Sharing RDP Session

Sharing Remote Computer Screen on Zoom

This page describes the scenario where you want to share an RDP screen with another person (professor/TA for example) to seek assistance. This can be confusing as you are simultaneously working on two computers - yours and the remote computer. If you run zoom on the wrong computer then you can have bad performance.

This description assumes that:

Before proceeding ensure you are able to tell the difference between whether your screen is showing your desktop or the remote desktop and how to switch between the two. Typically the desktop on the remote computer will have different icons than your desktop. If you require assistance please contact https://www.uregina.ca/is/contact/index.html

RDP Screen Share:


Step 1: 

Start zoom on your computer - it is important you don't run Zoom on the remote desktop

Step 2:

a. While sharing an RDP session on Zoom using any personal PC/Mac, please select the RDP screen window


b. Select 'Share' on Zoom to start sharing the RDP Computer window