If you are having one of the following problems, click to find the possible solutions:

If your problem does not appear on this list or you have tried all the suggested solutions, please contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685.

I have no dial tone.

  • Check that all the phone connections are tight.
  • Check if any of the keys are stuck.
  • Has the phone been unplugged at any time? Digital sets will cease to function if they are left unplugged for an extended period of time.
  • Is the set plugged into the correct jack?
    Voiceover IP sets must be plugged into a Network Port (Network "Drop"), which will be indicated by an iconic computer.
  • If, after trying all of the above you still do not have a dial tone, contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685.

My set doesn't ring.

  • Is your ringer turned on?
  • Is your set manually forwarded to a different local or to voicemail? If you are not sure how to un-forward your set please see the instructions for forwarding/un-forwarding to voicemail.

My message indicator lamp is not working.

  • Send a message to yourself and then delete it. See the voicemail section for instructions on how to send a message, and how to erase a message.
  • If you have a 9316 set (if you are unsure which type of phone you have, click here to find out), you must also clear the message waiting feature on your set. To do this, slide the bar directly below the display to the right to reveal the grey "set options" button.
    • Press "set options" button
    • Press 6, or press the down arrow six times
    • Press * to clear the message waiting
    • If you get a message that tells you that the message waiting has not been cleared, ignore it.
  • If neither of these fixes work, please contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685.

My call display is not working.

There is a static or noise on the line.

  • Check to ensure that all of the connections to the set are tight.
  • If this does not solve the problem please contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685 or put in a FootPrints ticket (For Faculty or Staff only).

There is a "screeching" sound when I answer a call.

  • Forward your phone to the nearest fax machine for the next few minutes. Most fax machines will try to fax you 3 times before they give up.

I can't delete a message from my mailbox, it keeps going on and on.

  • If this happens it means that the person who left the message in your mailbox did not hang up properly. This causes your mailbox to continue recording for the next 3 minutes.
  • To fix this, return to your mailbox and replay the message and keep pressing "3" until you reach the end of the "fake" message, "Jane" will then prompt you to delete the message as per usual.

I forgot my password, is there another way to get into my mailbox?

  • If you have forgotten your password there is NO chance that it can be retrieved.
  • Please contact the IT Support Centre at 585-4685 or put in a FootPrints ticket (For Faculty or Staff only).

I can't make long distance calls.

The phone, receiver, cord, or wires are broken.

  • Either the part or the entire set will be replaced depending on the type of phone and the nature of the broken part.

Policies: See the network policies that govern use of the UofR network and related resources.