Voicemail Policy

Revised: December 11, 2014

Purpose: The voicemail policy outlines the conditions for the deletion of unused mailboxes, and expectations for the security of voicemail messages.

Deletion of Mailboxes

  • Mailboxes are deleted to recover licenses and free up server resources.
  1. Mailboxes that have been assigned to a phone number, but have never been initialized will be deleted after a 12 month period.
    • Initializing a mailbox is defined as logging into the mailbox (dial 4800), changing the default mailbox password, and selecting your voicemail greeting option.
  2. Mailboxes that have not been used in 18 months will be deleted.
  3. Users will be notified by email when a mailbox is pending deletion whenever possible.


  1. Users are expected to select a voicemail password that is not easily guessed.
    • Do not use important dates, such as your birthday.
    • Sequences and repetitive digits are not permitted. (ie. 123456, 111111)
    • Passwords must be at least 6 digits long.
  2. Faculty mailboxes are reinitialized when the user changes (new to the position/resigns/retires).
    • All previous messages, settings, and greetings will be reset.
    • The mailbox becomes uninitialized at this point until the new user initializes the mailbox.
  3. Staff mailboxes are typically not reinitialized when the user changes (new to the position/resigns/retires), this is to ensure continuity in the workplace.
    • The new user will be expected to change the password and update the greeting if required.