ArcGIS Software Information

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are advanced mapping programs used to help solve "Why is it there?" questions. For example, police use GIS to help identify patterns of criminal activity, resource managers use GIS to map environmentally sensitive areas, and retail marketers use GIS to understand the purchasing characteristics of their customers.

  • The University of Regina has a site license for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS for Faculty and Staff

ArcGIS for Students

  • Students can access the University of Regina ArcGIS maps online site at:
  • Click the "University of Regina" button to login, and enter your uregina account username and password (same as used for UR Courses and Webmail)
  • Contact the IT Support Centre if you have any issues accessing ArcGIS

Additional ArcGIS information

  • If you wish to explore how GIS can work for you, regardless of your area of interest, contact to arrange an appointment to discuss.
  • Further information is available at ArcGIS.