Microsoft and Adobe Software Information

Site Licenses for Microsoft and Adobe software are available for purchase through Supply Management Services for Faculty and Staff only. To request a site license, fill out the online request form through Supply Management Services. They will put through a request to Information Services for installation on your behalf once the purchase is made.

  • Students: Unfortunately, the University of Regina is not able to provide Students with access to Microsoft Office software. Students can purchase Microsoft Office software at a reduced educational rate directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office and PDF Writer Software - Research Site License

Some research funding agencies disallow the purchase of common desktop software products using research funds. If you wish to apply for a research site license please contact the IT Support Centre with the following information:

  • Name of user
  • Location of computer
  • Barcode of computer
  • Operating System
  • Product Requested
  • Type of Research Grant the original equipment was purchased under (e.g., NSERC)
  • Actual FOAPAL that the computer was purchased on
  • Current active grant type
  • Current FOAPAL

Note: There is no charge for the software license(s), nor will this FOAPAL be charged. This information is needed to complete your request.

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA): Science and Engineering Students Only

Science and Engineering students have access to MSDNAA software.

  • MSDNAA provides educational access to some Microsoft operating system and development software. It does not provide access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. 
  • You can download some software for free from here, and receive license keys in your U of R email.
  • You may only download during off peak hours.