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NVivo Software Information

NVivo supports qualitative and mixed methods research. NVivo allows you to collect, organize, and analyze content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio, social media data, YouTube videos, and web pages.  

  • The University of Regina has a license permitting installation of the NVivo software with simultaneous use of the software by 30 users at any one time.  

Installation of NVivo

Faculty & Staff

  • University of Regina faculty and staff interested in having the NVivo software installed on their computer must either initiate a request using a FootPrints Ticket (faculty and staff only) or contact the IT Support Centre for assistance. 
  • From off campus, NVivo is available through remote desktop access (RDP) to an on-campus computer, or request to have NVivo installed on your personal computer.


  • Students may contact IT Support Centre and request Nvivo be installed on your personal computer.
  • An email from your supervisor or instructor is required, indicating that NVivo is approved for your use for research purposes.
  • We will send you an email from "IT Support" with a form to fill out, and ask you to bring your computer or laptop to the IT Support Centre at a time that is convenient for you, to have the software installed. Note: It may take up to half a day to complete the install, and you may need to leave your computer or laptop with us.
  • In some circumstances, installation can also be done remotely via Teamviewer remote access.

NVivo Information and Use