SPSS 27 Statistical Software Information

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) comprises an integrated series of computer programs. SPSS software enables users to read data from questionnaire surveys and other sources (e.g., medical and administrative records) to manipulate data in various ways to produce a wide range of statistical analyses or reports, complete with supporting documentation.

Faculty and Staff access

Installing SPSS on a University of Regina managed computer system

  • There is no charge for installation or use of SPSS software
  • To install on campus on a managed Windows desktop computer (Most barcodes beginning with EV, some A0):
    • Click the "Start" window icon on the bottom left hand side of your Windows computer
    • Click "All Programs".
    • Then click "Micro Focus ZenWorks".
    • Then click "ZenWorks Application Window".
    • Finally, click "SPSS 27 Stats'" for the install.
    • It may take a few minutes to install, and the software does not require an Administrator password.

Installing SPSS on an alternate Windows computer or laptop, a home system, or on a MacOS system:

  • Faculty and Staff can contact the IT Support Centre or submit a FootPrints Ticket to request installation of SPSS software on a computer system.
  • At this time, SPSS cannot be installed on a student's personal system.

Number of Connections

  • The University has an SPSS server that can accommodate a limited number of connections.
  • The software cannot be accessed if the maximum number of users has been reached.
  • To ensure access for other users, please exit SPSS when you are finished using the software.

Remote/Off Campus Access

  • If SPSS is installed on your computer or laptop, it is accessible from off-campus if you first connect to Forticlient VPN software. (Note: IBM doesn't formally support off-campus use when access to the license server is through VPN)
  • There are a limited number of commuter licenses available which do not require a VPN connection, and can be used independently.
    • Contact the IT Support Centre if you require a commuter license for SPSS, or require assistance setting up VPN.

Student Access to SPSS

On Campus Access

  • The IBM SPSS® statistical software is available on computers in public computer labs on the University of Regina main campus, which includes the Dr. John Archer Library. 
  • The SPSS license does not permit the University to provide students with access to SPSS® from personal computers or laptops.
  • Students (including those who live in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, or elsewhere in the province) requiring SPSS software may purchase it directly from IBM.

Remote/Off Campus Access