Turnitin Software Information

Turnitin provides a suite of tools for submitting, grading, and returning papers online, as well as interactive calendars, discussion boards, and more. The University of Regina has a site license for Turnitin.

How to get a Turnitin License

Turnitin Originality Report Information

Turnitin's Originality Report compares submitted papers against an extensive database, which includes:

  • Databases of electronic books and articles.
  • Archived web pages.
  • Previously-submitted student papers.

Turnitin's Originality Report is not designed to identify plagiarism automatically.

  • Papers might show high degrees of similarity for a variety of reasons (improperly formatted citations, common phrases, or expressions, etc.).
  • "Originality Reports" provide detailed information on identified matches.
  • It is up to the instructor to follow up on areas of concern.

Turnitin’s Suite of Tools also Includes

  • Online submission with a time-stamped electronic receipt, and opportunity for students to view fully-graded assignments online.
  • GradeMark, a tool that allows instructors to quickly provide detailed feedback in a variety of ways (in-paper comments and notes, overall comments, rubrics).
  • Different assignment formats, including peer reviewed assignments for students.
  • Discussion boards, calendar with assignment dates automatically populated, and more.

To discuss the uses of Turnitin in an academic setting, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) via email at CTL@uregina.ca

Turnitin Support

  • If you have trouble getting Turnitin to work, please contact IT Support, and a member of the TLC training team will contact you to assist.
  • The Technology Learning Centre (TLC) in Information Services can also assist with Turnitin and UR Courses.
  • Grad Students and Instructors can contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for additional information.