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1 Standards/Purpose for Computing Services Technical Notes

Network Related

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504 Time Services
510 Installing Novell Client for Windows
511 Off Campus Access to Novell Servers using the Novell Client
514-517 Obsolete - 514 Installing SPSS V 11.0.1, 515 Understanding Usenet News; 516 Changing Dlink DE530T+ network card drivers Win98; 517 Installing Banner on SIFC computers on UofR LAN
523 Windows 2003 to 2012 Network Configuration
528 Configuring Web Browsers to use the UofR proxy server
530 Obsolete - Remote Management of University PCs
535 Working with Shared Folders and Printers in a Subnetted Environment
538 Install Requirements for Standalone Version of Caspur Reports
542 Adobe Acrobat Installation
545 Installing the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent on UofR PCs
547 Installing and Configuring Novell Groupwise Clients
555 Access to Novell Servers using NetStorage
556 iPrint/PaperCut Setup for Mac OS
557 iprint/papercut setup for Windows OS
558 Installation Guide for Webdrive 32/64bit
562 iPrint/PaperCut Setup for Linux
569 Configuring VPN Client
576 Using Thunderbird to transfer Email between servers
580 Re-establish Network Client Access
581 Remove Edge as Default PDF Reader
584 Cleanup of T: files
615 How to Manage Network Drive Disk Space
616 Export/Import Firefox Bookmarks
620 Version Check message resolution

File & Print

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608 How to Setup Novell Directory Permissions

Technical Services

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1001 Obsolete - Windows XP Upgrade Information Sheet
1003 Obsolete - Working with Windows XP SP2

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