Wireless FAQ

Q. My Apple MacBook receives a "Connection timed out" or has an exclamation mark over the wireless icon in the menu bar - what can be wrong?

A. You may have have an invalid username/password configuration saved in your keychain. This is especially likely if you recently changed your "uregina.ca" password.

  • Open "Keychain Access" from the "Utilities" folder.
  • Select the "login" keychain on the left, and then "Passwords" for category.
  • Click on any saved items related to eduroam (and uofr/uofrWPA if you have these old networks) and press the delete key to remove them.
  • Close Keychain Access, and restart your computer.

Q. On a Macintosh, I have setup eduroam but I am still required to login each time I open my web browser - what can be the problem?
A.If you have previously connected to another UofR wireless network (ie. uofr guest) you will need to remove the previous configurations to ensure eduroam connects automatically.

  • Open System Preferences, click on "Network", select "AirPort", click "Advanced".
  • Under the "AirPort" tab, click on and press the Minus (-) button for any of the following: 'uofr guest', 'uofrPSK'.
  • Click OK. Click "Apply".

Q. My wireless card does not work on the uofrPSK network what can be wrong?
A. Carefully review the installation instructions to ensure you haven't missed any steps. Make sure you have:

  • Registered your card for using the uofrPSK SSID and verify that you have entered the correct passphrase when you configured your client software.

Q. My wireless does not work on the eduroam network - what can be wrong?
A. Carefully review the installation instructions to ensure you haven't missed any steps. Also check the following:

  • Passwords for the eduroam network are case sensitive. You may want to try changing your password again.
  • Try your username/password with another application to make sure you can login. For example, try logging into webmail.
  • Make sure you have selected the "Thawte Primary Root CA" under 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities'.

Q. My wireless was working but it has stopped. Any ideas?
A. Try checking with the IT Support Centre to see if has been disabled because you have a virus.

Q. When connecting to eduroam my Windows computer 'blue screens' but works properly at home, what is wrong?
A. Certain versions released through Microsoft Update of the Intel Centrino Advanced-N wireless drivers have a bug with WPA2-Enterprise used by the eduroam network but work fine with WPA/WPA2-Personal encryption used by most home routers. The latest version of the driver can be downloaded from Intel directly at https://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect/.