uregina.ca Temporary Sponsored Guest Accounts

Sponsored guest accounts are available to Faculty or Staff sponsored visitors to the U of R campus. These accounts provide temporary access to the University network and internet on desktop computers in public computer labs or smart classrooms, as well as connection to the eduroam wireless network.

  • These accounts do not provide access to a University email account, remote access, VPN, or network storage.

Sponsored guest accounts are temporary and will automatically expire after a set time frame from 1 day, up to a maximum of 3 weeks.

  • A sponsored guest account can be created online, in a few minutes, by a current Faculty or Staff member by filling out the Sponsored Guest Account Setup Form (Faculty and Staff only).
  • The Faculty or Staff member (university sponsor) must authenticate with their personal uregina.ca account, then enter the requested details, and submit.
  • The login information for the new guest account will be provided on screen in about 45 seconds, and a copy of the account details will also be emailed to the sponsor.
  • It is up to the sponsor to communicate the account details to the sponsored guest account user.

Alternatively, a Faculty or Staff member can contact the IT Support Centre to request a temporary sponsored guest account.

  • Acceptable university sponsored visitors include conference and workshop attendees, guest lecturers, business partners, vendors and visiting scholars. A business or academic reason for the account request must be supplied in the Sponsored Guest Account Setup form. Guest account requests are not acceptable for non-academic or non-business reasons, such as friends, or family.
  • The university sponsor will be asked to provide a description of the purpose of the sponsored guest account which should include the name/contact information for the visitor that is being sponsored.
  • The guest account information will be released to the sponsor who will be responsible for the accounts while they are active.
  • The sponsor will securely provide the guest account information to the visitor(s) once they arrive on campus.
  • The duration of the sponsored guest account is required to be limited to the length of stay on campus, with a maximum of 3 weeks.
  • Printing is available with the purchase of printing credit by following the instructions on guest printing .
  • Visitors using a University network guest account must agree to and abide by the Use of Computer and Network Systems Policy.

Archer Library Guest Users

Guests to the Archer Library can obtain a library guest account at the IT Support Centre location in the Archer Library Main Floor Commons. This will allow guests to access internet on Library Commons computers. Guest accounts do not provide for a University email account or network storage. 

  • Library guest accounts are available on the spot during normal hours of operation of the IT Support Centre located in the Archer Library Commons.
  • If no one is available at IT Support, the Staff at the Library Help Desk may be able to assist.
  • Guests requesting a library guest account will be asked to a provide name and contact information to obtain a guest account. 
  • Guest accounts are temporary and time limited.
  • Printing is available with the purchase of printing credit by following the instructions on guest printing.
  • Library guests using a network guest account must agree to abide by the Use of Computer and Network Systems Policy.

For assistance, or more information, contact the IT Support Centre.