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Student Laptop Loan Request Form

This form is for students requesting to borrow a laptop to complete their courses for the semester.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THIS FORM, please review other options for accessing computers and software:

There are a very limited number of laptops available for loan. This is intended to be a temporary loan until you can make other arrangements, and approved loans are for one academic term. Requests for a loaner laptop will be prioritized based on need.

Terms and Conditions

If your application to borrow a laptop is approved:

  1. Requests for a loaner laptop will be prioritized based on need and availability, and may require confirmation/approval from your course instructor or faculty/department advisor. 
  2. Laptop may not be used for any business purpose or to generate income in, or for any commercial enterprise or undertaking.
  3. Laptops will be loaned out for the lesser of 4 months or the end of the current semester.
  4. Laptop return date will be confirmed at time of pickup.
  5. Photo ID will be required to confirm identity when equipment is picked up.
  6. A deposit of $1000 will be charged to the student account when the equipment is picked up. This amount will not need to be paid, but will remain as an amount owing on the account until the laptop is returned in good condition as determined by Information Services.
  7. The student borrowing the laptop is fully responsible for the safe keeping of the laptop for the duration of the loan period. When the laptop is returned, it will be assessed for damage and cleansed of any data or software installed by the student.
  8. If the laptop is returned undamaged, and in working order, the full deposit amount will be credited back to the student account.
  9. If the laptop is returned damaged, all or a portion of the $1000 charge will not be credited, dependent on the damage assessment.
  10. If the laptop is not returned to the University of Regina IT Support Centre on the due date, and no arrangements have been made for its’ return, the $1000 charge will be due and payable. Failure to promptly pay the amount owing may result in further action.
  11. The laptop remains at all times the property of the University of Regina.

By Submitting this form, you are confirming that you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined.