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Network Drives and Access

There a number of ways to store and access files on U of R network drives.

Where can I save my files?

Saving files to your computer hard-drive is not recommended as they are not backed up.

Micro Focus OES personal storage drive -  I:\ Drive

  • This is your personal network backed up storage.
  • You have 25GB of personal space.
  • Save documents here instead of on your computer hard drive as I:\ is backed up nightly.
  • Don’t save documents here you need to share with other members of your team.
  • Files stored here are considered personal and are deleted when you leave the University.

Micro Focus FILR file storage and sharing service

  • Pronounced “filer,” located at
  • You have 100GB of personal cloud storage.
  • Store files in FILR, and access them from any internet browser, anywhere, at any time.
  • Desktop software can be installed, as well as an app for your phone and/or tablet.
  • Can also access your Personal I:\ drive through FILR.
  • Best used for sharing documents with other users, including non-U of R and off campus users.

How do I access my files?

Access saved files through Micro Focus OES, FILR, Netstorage, Webdrive (Windows or Mac) or Kanaka (for Mac).

Micro Focus OES client software

  • Micro Focus OES is the standard network access on campus.
  • Computers provided through the Evergreen program have Micro Focus OES installed.
  • Micro Focus OES can be installed on a laptop or other system, but there are other options for accessing the files.
  • Best for users on campus.
  • Can access files stored in personal I:\ drive and network drives like T:\
  • Cannot access files stored in FILR.


  • Access online at, through desktop client software, or an app on phone or tablet.
  • To download desktop client software login to the Filr web client, click on your name in the top right corner - select 'Download Filr Desktop App'.
  • Provides access to files stored in FILR
  • Also provides access to your personal I:\ drive, in FILR it is called the “Home” folder.
  • Option to share files or folders with anyone, not just U of R students.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere online.


  • Located at
  • Easy access to all your network drives, from any internet browser, anywhere, at any time.
  • Perfect for working on the go, not on your regular computer.
  • Can download, edit, and re-upload files if you’re working remotely.
  • Not used to share files with other users.
  • Can access files stored in personal I:\ drive
  • Cannot access files stored in FILR.


  • Installed program on your computer which lets you log in to view network drives in a more familiar way (network drives are located in Start >> Computer).
  • Perfect for working on your personal computer at home, and accessing network drives.
  • Easy to open, edit, and save files; no need to download, edit, and re-upload.
  • Not used to share files with other users, unless they have access to the same network folder.
  • Windows version and Mac OS version, available from our Downloads page.
  • Can access files stored in personal I:\
  • Cannot access files stored in FILR.