U of R Alertus App

Alertus App and Emergency Notification System (ENS)

The University of Regina’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) is designed to ensure effective and timely warnings are delivered to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus in the event of a life threatening situation when people must take immediate action to stay safe on campus.

The ENS leverages existing infrastructure, such as computer monitors and television screens across the main and College Avenue campuses, and also pushes messaging to the U of R Alertus app, and the University’s Twitter Channel @UofRegina

The ENS is not linked to the Fire Alarm System and will not activate when the fire alarm sounds. Decisions to activate the ENS are made on a situation-by-situation basis.

Find Out More

Go to the U of R Emergency Info website for details about the Alertus app and ENS system including:

  • how to download the Alertus app to your mobile device,
  • emergency messaging on hallway notification beacons, U of R computers connected to the Novell system, and television monitors, and,
  • how to connect your personal laptop or computer to the emergency notification system.


Alertus app

Look for the Alertus Recipient app, shown above, on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Download it to receive emergency notifications on your mobile device. Be sure to enable notifications for the app on your phone to receive messages.