Software for Students


ArcGIS is advanced mapping and analytical software.

  • Students can access the University of Regina ArcGIS maps online site at:
  • Click the "University of Regina" button to login, and enter your uregina account username and password (same as used for UR Courses and Webmail)
  • Contact the IT Support Centre if you have any issues accessing ArcGIS

Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance "MSDNAA" - Science and Engineering Students only

MSDNAA provides educational access to some Microsoft operating system and development software.

  • Science and Engineering students have access to the MSDNAA software:
  • It does not include access to Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook). 
  • You can download some software free from the site, and receive license keys in your U of R email.
  • You may only download during off peak hours.

Microsoft Office for Students


NVivo is qualitive data analysis software.

  • NVivo is available in public labs on campus through AppsAnywhere.
  • Our licensing does not permit the University to install NVivo on student's personal computers or laptops.
  • Off-campus users can connect to an on-campus lab computer by RDP Remote Access to access AppsAnywhere.


Qualtrics is a web-based, research survey software that offers many advanced, but user-friendly features. Qualtrics enables users to do surveys, feedback and polls using a variety of distribution means.

Qualtrics is cloud based software, and all data collected under the University of Regina's enterprise license are stored securely on servers in Ireland.

The University of Regina has an institutional license for Qualtrics allowing all current employees and students unlimited use of Qualitrics for teaching, learning and research.

Any type of academic research, including grant- or contract-funded projects, can be performed and executed with the Research Suite platform. Research done by the University or by members of the university community for profit or through a non-university business (e.g. a private consulting business) is not included under the current Research Suite license.  Please contact the IT Support Centre to obtain a quote for the use of Research Suite in a for-profit situation, or for login assistance.

Surveys must adhere to the University Surveys Policy and may require approval by the Survey Management Committee before being sent out. Please visit the Conducting Surveys webpage for links to the policy, and the Survey Application Form.

 Video tutorials and additional information are available on the Qualtrics website.


IBM SPSS® is advanced statistical software used for data analysis.