IT Support Quick Tips

If you are having application or network access issues, please check to see if there is a system outage or scheduled system maintenance at System Alerts

1) How do I hide completed courses filling up my UR Courses dashboard?

  • In UR Courses click on the drop-down menu below Course overview and change 'All' to 'In progress.'

2) How do I reset my PIN?

3) How do I reset or change my Password?

4) What if I forgot my Password?

5) What if I can't connect to eduroam wireless?

  • Make sure you enter, and your usual password.

6) What if I can't access UR accounts (UR Self-Service, UR Courses)?

  • See Systems Alerts to check if planned maintenance is happening.
  • If there is no scheduled maintenance and you're still having trouble, you can contact IT Support for assistance.

IT Support Contact Information

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