Network and Connectivity

Wireless Access

Students are provided with wireless access on the U of R campus.

Choose eduroam, and use your usual username and password.

Note: Username must be in the format <>

Students in residence can access the uforPSK wireless network for gaming devices.

Laptops should be set to use DHCP protocol, and they will obtain a dynamic IP Address automatically on the wireless network.

For more information on configuring a laptop or mobile device to connect to the wireless network, go to the Wireless Access page

Wired Network/Internet Connection

If you are in a residence room with a network drop then your computer must be set to DHCP so that it can automatically pick up an IP address. You will get the same address in your residence room as long as you don't shut your computer off for more than 5 days. Note that addresses are only automatically provided in your residence room.

Students not in residence, or residence students who need to connect a computer to the network elsewhere on campus, can register a laptop or other computer to connect to the U of R network via network cable.

Login to bootp page to register the physical Mac Address.

How to find MAC address on a Windows system

  1. Click Start/Windows logo, choose 'Run'.
  2. Enter the following command: getmac/v
  3. Press "Enter".
  4. The physical system information will be shown.
  5. You need to register the physical/LAN MAC address (not the wifi or wireless one if there is a second choice).

How to find MAC address on an Apple system running Mac OS

  1. Right click the wifi symbol in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Open Network Preferences.
  3. Click "Advanced" at the bottom right.

After the card is registered you can configure your computer to use DHCP to obtain its IP address.The DHCP protocol will automatically provide the IP, DNS server, and gateway addresses needed by your computer to connect to the U of R network by network cable plugged into a network drop.

For further assistance, please contact the IT Support Centre.

Home internet deals

Both SaskTel and Access Communications offer student discounts on home internet service.