Printing and Copying

Students can access printing, copying and scanning services at various locations on campus on a fee for service basis.

Where can I print?

  • All public lab locations have printers available. Some areas have devices capable of copying and scanning as well.
  • See the Print Device Locations page for a list of devices available for printing, copying or scanning.

How do I print?

  • Printing can be done by logging into a computer in a public lab with your username and password, and printing to the device in the lab. You may also choose to submit a print job from your laptop, via Web Print, then release at select public print devices.
  • Copying and scanning can be done by logging into a copy capable device with your username and password.

How much does it cost?

  • Costs for printing/copying and scanning can be found on the Print Costs page. 
  • We require that you permit the accounting system to charge your student account for the printing you do. To setup printing on your account, you must enable printing. Any printing on designated lab printers will be billed to your student account and payable to Financial Services through UR Self-Service. Print charges are billed monthly and will show in your Student Records under 'view account or make payment'.
  • To check your printing charges, view print jobs in Papercut.
    • The total charges shown on your Papercut account is NOT what you owe. It shows a cumulative total and does not reflect payments billed each month.
    • You must Enable Printing before you will be able to print on campus.

How do I get a print refund?

  • If you did not receive your print job, or if it was poor quality, a refund may be available by contacting the IT Support Centre within 24 hours.  
  • You may request a refund for:
    • Unacceptable output due to low toner.
    • Smudges on your printouts.
    • Wrinkles in your pages.
    • Incomplete print jobs due to system-generated errors.
  • IS cannot offer print refunds for mistakes or output you did not expect such as:
    • User error in selecting colour instead of black and white (or vice versa).
    • Color mismatching.
    • Improper formatting.
    • Print jobs taken by other people before you retrieve them from the printer.
    • Jobs printed accidentally or with too many pages.
    • Multiple copies printed by mistake.
    • Unintended simplex/duplex (single/double-sided) selection.

Printing Services Department

Students can access the services in Printing Services in AH 118, including large format printing, bulk copying and thesis binding.