Web Print

User login:  https://papercut.uregina.ca/user

You can submit a print job from your laptop, via Web Print, and then release at select public print devices.

Note: You must be on campus, connected to the U of R network for Web Print to work.

To Upload a file for Printing

  1. Go to: https://papercut.uregina.ca/user
  2. Select the "User Login" link.
  3. Login using your usual "uregina.ca" credentials (same as for Micro Focus OES, Email, and UR Courses).
  4. Select "Web Print" from the left side menu.
  5. Click "Submit a Job>>".
  6. Click the "Radio button" next to the type of printer you wish to release the job at.
    1. Choosing a location-specific printer will release the job immediately at that device (ED440.1, ED489, ED561).
    2. Choosing "Find Me a Public Greyscale" will allow you to release the print job at a public device (Library main floor copy room, ED 1st floor by Printing Services, ED 2nd Floor NE Corner, Luther Library).
  7. Click "2. Print Options and Account Selection".
  8. Enter the number of copies desired.
  9. Select the appropriate account to charge.
  10. Click "3. Upload Document".
  11. Browse for the file on the computer and select.
  12. Click "Upload & Complete".
  13. Your job will be sent to the selected device.
  14. Log out of the user interface.

Pick up your print job at the device you selected, if you chose ED440.1, ED489, or ED561.

Release the print job at one of the following devices if you chose "Find Me a Public Greyscale":
Library main floor copy room, ED 1st floor by Printing Services,  ED 2nd Floor NE Corner, Luther Library.

To release the print job, go to the printer of your choice, login, choose "Print Release", and select the file to print.