Virus Removal Service

If you suspect you have a virus, malware or adware on your computer system, or if you received a ticket notification from IT Support that your system has been blocked from the network, there are several online tools you can use to scan and clean your system. Network access can be restored by the IT Support Centre, once you have provided confirmation that you have mitigated the issue.

If you would prefer assistance, or if your scanning was not succesful in removing the malware, the IT Support Centre in ED137 can provide basic removal of typical viruses for a fee. The cost is $25 which will be charged to your student account and payable at Financial Services. You will be required to provide proof of payment prior to picking up your device.  

Note that some viruses/trojans are almost impossible to remove, and some may return if the same activity is repeated.  We do not guarantee that the work will be successful.  If re-installation of the operating system is required to mitigate the virus, we will not be able to complete the work for you.