SSH Setup and Access Information

Transferring files to the U of R web server must be done using SSH protocol. SSH login to uses your usual username and password.

FTP access through has been disabled due to security concerns, and is no longer supported.

The server is able to provide secure file and terminal access via the openSSH suite.

You will need to download and install the appropriate ssh/scp/sftp clients, if not already installed on the computer system you are using.

Windows systems:
Download and install the following software from the downloads page:
     WinSCP Secure Copy Client
     Putty terminal emulation program with SSH support

The release notes for putty and winscp provide additional information about the packages.

Non-UofR users: The source location for putty and winscp are located at

Mac Systems: MacOS has a built-in SSH client called Terminal. Search for Terminal to open the program.

Linux Systems: Linux, *nix, BSD, and related platforms will use the openSSH suite which is generally installed by default. Information about openSSH can be found at